Mekong is an active apparel brand which is inspired by a fusion of fashion, the outdoors, and an active lifestyle. By fashion, we’re not just talking about sports fashion, but everyday street fashion. By the outdoors, we’re not just talking about trees and hills, but everything from the grimy city, to the wilderness. By active, well…if you're out of the house and moving - we want you in our gear!

Anywhere from walking the dog, to trail running. From commuting to work or the coffee shop, to the infamous Sunday rides on Beach Road. We want you to look good. Damn good. And more importantly, we don't want it to cost you a fortune.

So let's cut to the chase - Our brand? Mekong. Our logo? A gorilla (affectionately named Kong).

From the little ‘cold wash only’ tags that nobody ever reads, to the garment prints themselves, our products are all designed from our living room studio in Reservoir. With future plans to collaborate with some talented friends who are local artists and designers, we want our pieces to be fun and creative without compromising the technical and visual characteristics of what makes active apparel successful.

So if you’re going to sweat, make sure you sweat in style.